How long does the course take?

Vegan Nutritionist Course

The standard period of study:

  • By choosing the plan "VEA Standard", the exam can be taken after 15 months at the earliest.
  • By choosing the plan "VEA Premium", the exam can be taken after 5 months.

You will have access to the entire content for 24 months, regardless of your chosen plan. We recommend "VEA Premium" because it offers the greatest possible flexibility.

What if something comes in between? No problem, an extension is possible and free of charge. 

The weekly study time with the "VEA Standard" plan is about 10.5 time hours, or 1.5 hours per day. The total study time is approx. 675 hours and is shown on your certificate.
Learning speed, prior knowledge and comprehension are very individual, which is why we can only provide an average number.

By the way: even after your graduation, you can extend your access to the entire content and thus to all updated material, the community and the ecodemy Nutrition Database - free of charge.


Vegan Nutrition for Athletes

Coming soon!

Vegan Nutrition for Mother and Child

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