How much are the tuition fees of the distance learning courses?

Vegan Nutritionist

You can choose between two plans to access our "Vegan Nutritionist Course".

  • The plan "VEA Premium" can be paid in 5 monthly installments of 379 € each (total price 1895 €).
  • The plan "VEA Standard" can be paid in 15 monthly installments of 129 € each (total price 1935 €).

The period of study is 24 months for both variants. With the variant "VEA Premium", you will have access to the exam at the 5th month of study at the earliest, with the variant "VEA Standard", the exam is accessible from the 15th month onward. The content of both variants is identical. The total price includes the final exam and the certificate (shipping included) as well as the option of extending your study time. If desired, an entry in our International Directory for Vegan Nutritionists (after passing the final exam) is also included.

Vegan Nutrition for Athletes 

Coming soon!

Vegan Nutrition for Mother and Child 

Coming soon!

How much are the tuition fees in my currency?

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