What sets your course apart from other vegan/vegetarian distance learning courses?

This is a legitimate question, because if you are going to invest your time and money in a distance learning course, you want to be sure that you are choosing the right school.

Of course, we could say: ecodemy as a distance learning school provides nutritional knowledge around vegan nutrition based on the current data from science and research, as no other distance learning school currently does so. We could also say: We are simply the nicer people ­čśŐ

But maybe that's not enough for you. That's why we've put together a checklist for you to decide if you want to become part of the ecodemy Family.

 If the following points are important to you, then this place is perfect for you:

  • Specialists in vegan nutrition
    As a distance learning school, we are specialized in vegan nutrition. This means that ecodemy is a school where vegan nutrition is not just one course among many - vegan nutrition is our specialty.
    In addition, our lecturers are scientists, who live vegan as well. Daily research allows our vegan nutrition expert team to act on the current state of science. So we know what we are talking about. 
  • Supporting the vegan idea
    Our motivation to promote the vegan idea besides our teaching activity is simultaneously high. We're doing this, for example, with our blog, which provides - free of charge - information on vegan nutrition, addresses current topics and provides recipes, which are developed by ourselves. Everyone who studies at ecodemy automatically supports our blog and thus the vegan idea.
  • Having access to the student community - even before you enroll
    We can tell you a lot. But what do the students say about ecodemy? In our freely accessible facebook group "ecodemy Family" you can get honest opinions directly from our students, and you can already have a chat with them about vegan nutrition. 
  • Updated course books and study materials
    Our distant learning courses are independent of nutrition institutes and are based on the latest scientific data. The field of nutritional science is dynamic: nutritional recommendations change, current studies provide new insights. We constantly update our study materials and inform you in the community about current events from research. 
    Good to know: So far, we have critically examined around 4,000 studies for creating our study materials because knowledge from books only is not sufficient for you.
  • Highest distance learning DQR level
    The "Distance Learning DQR" seal of approval is a seal for the classification of state-approved distance learning courses in the German or European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (DQR or EQF). It is the first seal that links the distance learning courses from state-approved distance learning schools with the qualification levels of the DQR or EQF, and thus also ensures European comparability of the degrees. Our foundation training has the distance learning DQR level 5 and, to our knowledge, is thus an offer with the highest classification compared to similar distance learning courses from other schools.
    Good to know: All our additional trainings have the distance learning DQR level 4. 
  • Digital Nutrient Database
    Instead of analog nutrient lists in the form of books, you get access to our digital Nutrient Database with more than 15,000 foods and various features that are constantly being developed further by our IT team and adapted to the needs of our students and graduates.
    Good to know: Even after your graduation, you can use the Nutrient Database as you work with your clients - and it is free of charge, of course. 
  • Answers to (technical) questions - uncomplicated, fast and competent 
    Our community with its various expert forums is very popular among the student community, and it is actively used. Our team of scientific lecturers currently answer around 300 questions per month in a timely and well-founded manner. Providing advice and support to our students is more than just a job for us. We educate ambassadors of the vegan idea - we dedicate ourselves to this mission with all our passion. That's why our lectures often answer questions that go far beyond the study content. Even though you're studying online, you're never alone. If you need support, you can always rely on a strong community. 
    Good to know: Even after your training, you can use the expert forums to talk shop or get advice.
  • Studying must be enjoyable
    Modern didactics and the continuous development of additional content formats ensure optimal learning conditions and ensure that you'll enjoy your course. This is important to us because enjoying your studies in a good atmosphere does not only keep you in a good mood, but it also helps you remember the content better.
  • Immediate test results
    No need to send in assignments and to wait weeks for your results. You can find out immediately whether you passed a test or not and how you did. 
  • Video and audiobook-accompanied course books
    Other nutritionist distance learning courses usually offer written course materials only, our course includes extensive video material and audiobooks in addition to the continuously updated course books. Not only do they loosen up your learning routine, but they can also help you with memorizing the knowledge.
  • Time flexibility and location-independence - also for the exam
    Study where, when, how, with whom, as fast and as long as you want. Whenever you're ready for the tests or the final exam, your study pace: it is completely up to you, thus you're highly flexible. There is also no need for (time-consuming and costly) traveling to any physical events.
  • Additional trainings
    For those of you who are interested in more content: our additional trainings will expand or deepen your knowledge in a certain area - these courses are on the same platform and with the lecturers you already know.
  • Visibility from the very beginning
    After successfully completing your course, you are entitled to use the ecodemy® Seal for your internet presence as well as further information material. During your study time, we will provide you with an "in-training"-seal, which you can use to show that you are currently undergoing our foundation or additional training.
  • Digital certificates and open badges
    You will receive the certificates of your successfully completed foundation and additional trainings digitally as a PDF file. You can also use the ecodemy® Open Badges: digital qualification certificates for your profiles on LinkedIn, XING & Co.
  • Receive support even after your course
    After your graduation, you have the opportunity to be listed in our search engine optimized International Directory for Vegan Nutritionists. It will also show every additional training that you have completed with us. This way, your potential clients can find you (better) and are directly informed about your qualifications and focus in your counseling practice.
  • Our "Vegan Nutritionist" course - the original
    ecodemy is considered the distance learning school in the field of vegan nutrition, our foundation training "Vegan Nutritionist Course" is the first state-approved distance learning program of its kind in Germany. Our ecodemy Family is a strongly supportive community that helps to make the world a little better together. Do you want to become part of our community?
  • Excellent plant power - get educated by the best
    Our student community has already honored our dedication and pursue for continuous development with the "Top Distance Learning School 2018", "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2019", "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2020", "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2021", "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2022" and "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2023"awards from FernstudiumCheck.de. And our actions clearly continue to serve the interests of our student community, which resulted in our title "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2024" on FernstudiumCheck.de for the sixth time in a row. We were also honored by the German publisher "stern" in 2019 as "Best Distance Learning School" and again in 2021 and 2023 as well as by the publisher "Focus" as "Top Provider of Continuing Education 2021", "Top Provider of Continuing Education 2022", "Top Provider of Continuing Education 2023" and "Top Provider of Continuing Education 2024".
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