Can I benefit from the "Vegan Nutritionist Course" even if I do not want to use it professionally?

Of course! Our training is for anyone who wants to gain sound knowledge about vegan nutrition.

People transition to a vegan diet for a wide variety of reasons. What is your drive? Is it an ethical motivation? Have you been convinced by the health benefits? Or are environmental aspects decisive for you?

Whatever your reason for the vegan lifestyle might be, you will benefit from our course in any case.

Your passion for your profession

You have been wanting to start a new career in a field that feels right and meaningful to you and fits your personal values and attitudes for quite a while? Whether you intend to work full-time or part-time, this course opens up new avenues for you. In addition to the necessary expertise in terms of nutrition and counseling knowledge, we also provide you with tips and information about self-employment. Furthermore, we are constantly working on new ideas to provide you with the best possible support after your graduation.

Your health and the health of your family

Are you confused whether you do everything "right" when the media publishes daunting headlines against the vegan diet? Do you get worried questions from friends and family about your vegan diet, but you have no provable answers? With this course, you are on the safe side: our scientifically proven information will enable you to put a healthy vegan diet for you and your family into practice. You'll learn all about the potential pitfalls of a vegan diet, how to safely manage them, and the reasonable use of supplements. No more myths, fairy tales and half-truths, now you know it for yourself.

Your commitment to the future of our planet

Are you committed to environmental protection and animal rights, and do you support the vegan idea? You would like to be able to argue with scientific background knowledge why the vitamin B12 problem does not actually have to be one, and how a vegan diet contributes to climate protection? You also want to be able to clarify any other questions in an objective, correct and confident way? While others may only have an opinion, you will receive scientifically proven knowledge with this course. Become part of the ecodemy family and support, together with us, the future of our planet.

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