What is the difference between "VEA Standard" and "VEA Premium"?

These two plans differ in the release of the course content and the payment model.

If you choose the "VEA Premium" plan , you will receive 3 chapters for 5 months each. You can take the exam after 5 months, but you don't have to. You can also use your entire study time of 24 months or take the exam at any time of your choice, somewhere in between - this plan offers you the greatest possible flexibility.
You pay the complete price (includes the exam) of 1895 € in 5 monthly installments of 379 € each.

With the "VEA Standard" plan, you will get access to one chapter per month and have plenty of time and space to complete your course without stress, which is only possible after 15 months. You pay the complete price (includes the exam) of 1935 € in 15 monthly installments of 129 € each.

Both options offer you 24 months of regular study time - in case something comes up for you in life. By the way: You can extend your study period by 12 months free of charge, even several times. This gives you the opportunity to complete your course successfully in a relaxed manner.

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