How does the 14-day trial period work?

For the 14-day trial period of our training, you can register on the online campus. You can then sign your registration form directly online (with online signing via Xodo Sign® you will have access to your free trial period within a few minutes; we process submissions via email manually). Your trial period starts with the day of approval.

Integrity and transparency are our highest priorities. That's why you now have the opportunity to get a comprehensive impression of the content and didactics of your training. During the trial period, you can work on the first chapter (including the first multiple-choice test), read a few lessons from other chapters, watch videos, listen to audiobooks, and get to know the community - for two weeks in total.

Even if you do not want to continue with us after the trial period, you can keep

  • the course book of the entire first chapter,
  • the trial lessons,
  • the supplemental course book "Basic Knowledge for Nutritionist - How to Analyze Eating Habits and Create Nutrition Plans", and
  • the supplemental course book "Basic Knowledge for Nutritionist - Biochemistry".

When you decide to continue with the course, you don't have to do anything further. In case you don't want to continue with the course after the trial phase:
There is no need to send annoying cancellation emails or to send back any documents, no annoying phone calls to make - just one "click" on our campus is enough to cancel your contract with us. Of course, there won't be any costs for you, and you are welcome to sign up again at a later time.

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