How will I be supported during my studies?

Expert forums, chat corner, connecting with other students and our vegan nutrition expert team:
Our lively community makes learning more fun. Not only do we pose and answer questions about the course material. We also discuss certain topics, shop talk and friendships are made.
You can create your own profile, chat privately with other students, become a member of local or private student community groups (from "vegan singles" to "vegan musicians"), or even start your own group. In the community, you can participate in exercises and thus practice what you've learned to transfer your theoretical knowledge into practice.

By the way: Submitting assignments was yesterday. Instead of waiting days or weeks for feedback from your lecturers, you'll receive the result of your multiple-choice-tests immediately via email. Of course, the entire nutrition expert team is also available at any time to provide you with quick and competent advice and support in the expert forums of the community.

Of course, you can also get technical support there at any time. If you have questions that are not related to the course materials, not answered in the Help Center, or that you do not want to ask publicly in the community, you can always send us a message at

Good to know: Our team is not only competent and highly motivated. The lecturers, who develop and update your course books, support you in the expert forums, mark and grade your exams, also live vegan themselves. So we know what we are talking about :-)

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