Do you have any discounts (general discounts, voucher, voucher codes)?

If you have already taken our foundation training, you will receive a 10 % discount on each additional training as part of the ecodemy Family Bonus.

5 % to 10 % discount on our foundation training and additional trainings

  • Use the voucher code ecodemy10 when registering for our foundation training "Vegan Nutritionist" and you will receive a 10 % discount.
  • Use the voucher code ecodemy5 when registering for our additional trainings and you will receive a 5 % discount.

10 % discount for family members - our ecodemy Family Bonus

You are already a member of our family? Then we would be happy to welcome you for another additional training. Enter the voucher code ecodemy-family-bonus when you register, and we will give you 10 % off the tuition fee.

Important information

Please note that the voucher codes must be given at your registration. We cannot accept discounts or vouchers afterward due to accounting reasons.

The amount of your discount will be deducted from your monthly tuition rate. Discounts, vouchers and voucher codes cannot be paired with other promotions or with each other. Likewise, we do not offer cash payments.

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