Where can I find the ecodemy® Seals and how can I use them?

The ecodemy® seals are available to you as an ecodemy student or graduate during or after successfully completing our training(s) for promotional (commercial) use both online on your website as well as in a (digital) printed form for ebooks, business cards or flyers.

You can copy the seals as HTML code to embed them on your website or download them as zipped PNG and EPS files for (digital) print use.             

You can find them on the campus under the "certificate" tab.

Which ecodemy® Seals are available to me?

We already provide you with the following seals during your foundation training or additional trainings (coming soon!):

ecodemy-seal-vegan-nutritionist-in-training-EN-200px-1x.png        ecodemy-seal-vegan-nutrition-for-athletes-wb06-EN-in-training-200px-1x.png

After successfully completing your training(s), you will receive the following seal(s):

ecodemy-seal-vegan-nutritionist-EN-200px-1x.png      ecodemy-seal-vegan-nutrition-for-athletes-wb06-EN-200px-1x.png

Please note that these are examples. Each course has its own seal, which will be available to you after successful completion of the course.

How do the ecodemy® Seals relate to the International Directory for Vegan Nutritionists?

As a vegan nutritionist or after successfully completing our foundation training "Vegan Nutritionist Course", you will have the opportunity to register for the International Directory for Vegan Nutritionists

The ecodemy Seals will be automatically linked to your profile in the directory through the HTML code when they are embedded on your website.

How and where can I use the ecodemy® Seals?

Please note that using the ecodemy® Seals on your website is only allowed with the HTML code provided. We provide you with the ecodemy seals in three sizes (150, 200 and 250 px wide).

The sidebar and the footer are particularly suitable as they are usually displayed on every subpage.

For (online) print use of your seal, i.e. for ebooks (PDF files), photo collages (e.g. for images on social media), flyers or business cards, you can use the original PNG and EPS files that we offer for download.

Note that it is explicitly prohibited to place the ecodemy Seals on MLM sites and online-only stores.

5 simple tips on how to use the seals publically in a successful way as a trust-building tool

Present them on your website
Put the seals on your landing page, sidebar or footer by using the HTML code provided in the campus area.

Use them on social media
You can easily embed the seals as an image in your social media posts. This will make your followers and potential clients aware of your expertise.

Put them in your email signature
Put the seals as an image in your email signature to highlight your expertise when sending emails to your clients.

Use them in ebooks and other freebies
Put the seals on your ebooks and other freebies, which you use to attract new clients.

Show them on flyers and info material
Print the seals on flyers, brochures or business cards to showcase them in direct client contact.

Instructions for embedding the HTML code

Instructions for embedding the HTML code can be found online. You need to know which CMS (content management system) or provider you use for your website. The keywords "embed provider name HTML", for example "embed Jimdo HTML", should give you quick results on your research.

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