How do I get the updated "Approved & Certified" version of the ecodemy® Seal post graduation?

As soon as you have your certificate, you will find the updated ecodemy® Seal of your respective distance learning course in the "approved & certified" version on the campus under the "certificates" tab. 

Create a directory entry

If you do not yet have an entry in the directory, we recommend you create one before using the seals by going on the campus to the "Directory" tab. Doing it this way is useful because the seals on your website - which you can embed by using the HTML codes then provided - link directly to your directory entry.

When is the Badge updated in the community?


When your certificate is available to you, the Badge of your foundation training or additional training (coming soon!) will be updated in your profile, forum posts and newsfeed too, but only if you made them visible to everybody in your privacy settings:


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