What are the ecodemy® Open Badges for?

The ecodemy® Open Badges serve as a digital proof of qualification, for example for your profiles on LinkedIn and XING. They give you - in addition to your entry in the International Directory for Vegan Nutritionists - the opportunity to spread your certification online and therefore become (more) visible. You can also include them in email signatures or include them in online job applications.

Our Open Badges are available to you as soon as you have successfully completed the foundation training or an additional training (coming soon!) and have your certificate.

You can find them on the campus under the "Certificates" tab.

You can find more information about open badges on the official website openbadges.org.

Publish your ecodemy® Open Badge

To protect your personal data, your open badges are deactivated by default. Before you can use them, you have to activate or publish them:


Add your ecodemy® Open Badge to your LinkedIn profile

After you have published your open badge, you can add it to your LinkedIn profile.

If your profile does not yet include an "licences & certifications" section, you can easily create one: 


Then transfer the information from our form field on the campus to the input mask on LinkedIn:


If everything went well, your certification will appear in your profile:


A profile visitor of yours will be guided to this page, which proves your certification when they click on "show credential":


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