How can I downgrade a moderator or administrator back to member?

In order to manage members, go to your group:

Quick-Linksarrow-circle-right.svgMY PROFILEarrow-circle-right.svgGROUPSarrow-circle-right.svgMEMBERSHIPS


Main Navigationarrow-circle-right.svgCOMMUNITYarrow-circle-right.svgGROUPSarrow-circle-right.svgMY GROUPS


Quick-Linksarrow-circle-right.svgGROUPSarrow-circle-right.svgMY GROUPS

Downgrade a moderator or administrator to a member:

  1. Click on the name of your group in the groups overview. 
  2. Click on the tab MANAGE.
  3. Click on the tab MEMBERS.
  4. Select member from the list and click on Downgrade to member.
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