Is your "Vegan Nutritionist Course" officially recognized or state-approved?

As the vegan lifestyle becomes more popular, there is a growing need for Vegan Nutritionists who can provide professional and personalized advice to interested individuals. Right now, people are trying to help each other, especially on social media, and they sometimes share questionable and dangerous information.

There is no officially recognized training as a "Vegan Nutritionist" in any country. Well-known nutritional scientists say that there is a lack of competent specialists, but governments are unlikely to make any changes in the near future.

However, in many countries, an official recognition by the state is actually not necessary for working as a nutritionist within the health and wellness field. (Vegan) Nutritionist is one of the free health professions in many countries. That means, training is not regulated by public law and the job title is not protected. This also applies, for example, to breath therapy, eutony, kinesiology, sound massage therapy, art therapy, qigong, shiatsu, yoga and (non-medical) chiropodists, as well as various other professions.

Our distance learning courses are state-approved by German authority

Our foundation training "Vegan Nutritionist Course" is quality-tested and approved by the State Central Office for Distance Learning.

They check whether a distance learning course meets the requirements of the German Distance Learning Protection Act and whether the courses or the study materials are appropriate for distance learning purposes in terms of technical competence and didactics.

A specialist in that field reviews the study materials and evaluates its technical suitability. In addition, the registration form and the information materials must meet the legal requirements.

This mainly serves the protection of the students and highlights the professionality of the distance learning school.

Our distance learning courses are classified within the framework of the Distance Learning DQR

The "Distance Learning DQR" seal of approval is a seal of the Federal Association of Distance Learning Providers (Bundesverband der Fernstudienanbieter e. V.) for the classification of state-approved distance learning courses within the German or European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (DQR or EQF/EQF).

The Distance Learning DQR is intended to provide consumers an idea about the level of the intended degree of the distance learning course when concluding distance learning contracts.

The "Distance Learning DQR" seal of approval is the first seal that links the distance learning courses offered by state-approved distance learning schools with the qualification levels of the DQR or EQF/EQF and thus also ensures European comparability of the degrees.

Our foundation training "Vegan Nutritionist Course" corresponds to the distance learning DQR level 5. To our knowledge, it is therefore the offer with the highest classification compared to similar distance learning courses of other schools. Find out more here.

ecodemy is a member of the Federal Association of Distance Learning Providers

We are a member of the Federal Association of Distance Learning Providers (Bundesverband der Fernstudienanbieter e. V.). This association promotes and supports quality in virtual studying - for providers, service providers or students - and hereby sets up standards for membership. Members are provided with quality criteria to ensure demand-oriented and high-quality offerings in the education department and to further develop their offers in the interest of the customers. 

Distance learning in Germany has been regulated by the Consumer Protection Act since 1976. The State Central Office for Distance Learning monitors the observance of the Distance Learning Protection Act (FernUSG). Distance learning providers are subject to this regulation. Members of the Federal Association of Distance Learning Providers (Bundesverband der Fernstudienanbieter e. V.) are also obligated to follow the "Practical Rules for High-Quality Distance Learning" of the German Association for University Continuing and Distance Education (Deutsche Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung und Fernstudium e. V. or DGWF) as well as the quality criteria of the European Association of Distance Learning (EADL).

The Federal Association of Distance Learning Providers (Bundesverband der Fernstudienanbieter e. V.) has also established the "Qualitiy Specifications for Distance Learning Providers of PAS 1037:2004" and was vastly involved in the creation of DIN-ISO 29990 (2010). PAS 1037:2004 and DIN ISO 29990 are management procedures and quality standards for all learning service providers.

Membership certificates of the Federal Association of Distance Learning Providers (formerly known as Forum-DistancE-Learning)

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Award-winning plant power - get educated by the best

Our student community has already honored our dedication and pursue for continuous development with the "Top Distance Learning School 2018", "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2019", "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2020", "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2021", "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2022" and "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2023"awards from

And our actions clearly continue to serve the interests of our student community, which resulted in our title "Most Popular Distance Learning School 2024" on for the sixth time in a row.

We were also honored by the German publisher "stern" in 2019 as "Best Distance Learning School" and again in 2021 and 2023 as well as by the publisher "Focus" as "Top Provider of Continuing Education 2021", "Top Provider of Continuing Education 2022", "Top Provider of Continuing Education 2023" and "Top Provider of Continuing Education 2024".

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